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  • SMT plus.CZ Ltd.
  • Údolní 53, 602 00, Brno
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We offer Training courses of SMT and soldering

The company SMT plus.CZ, Ltd. was established in November 1999 as a continuation of SMT plus consortium, which by that time had successfully worked for almost five years:

  • Our company deals with custom manufacturing and soldering of printed boards (PTH and SMT). We use lead and lead-free techniques. When previously agreed an electrical equipment can also be revived. Our company is endowed with essential technological types of equipments that is necessary for the assembly of PTH and SMT printer boards. We also posses an automatic pick & place machine and modern LF solder wave.
  • In the process of designing and producing technological equipment for SMT, our company uses broad experience from the area of SMT technology. Every new equipment is practically examined.
  • According to customer's needs, we are able to provide the consultancy in the design of PCB (including SMT). Eventually we can design and produce prototype PCB ourselves. We also provide conversion from classical printed boards to SMT
  • There is a very close co-operation of our company with the Faculty of Technology at the Brno University of Technology. This co-operation assures high proficiency of our employees.
  • Soldering and assembly of PCB using THT and SMT technology (Pb and Pb-free solder, wave and reflow soldering)
  • Education and consultancy in the field of SMT
  • DPS development and special package soldering, CSP, BGA, 3D assembly
  • Production of SMT equipment
  • Retail of SMT equipment and materials
  • Small electronic novelties

The company is located in the complex of Technical University Brno, in the centre of the city of Brno, Údolní 53 Street, Brno, Czech Republic. Parking places are available.